I'm looking for a good effects pedal/amp setup that would be useful for dance-music style tracks as well as other types of music that require a more powerful sound. Problem is I also like playing clean (which is why I was going to go with a distortion pedal, rather than relying on getting all the gain through the amp).

The pedal can be multi-fx, I'm not looking for purity or anything here. Amp can't be anything too big as it'll be getting lugged around. Valve would be nice. Budget around £500?

Anything's better than what I have now, trust me.

PS: Bonus points for suggesting a guitar that goes well with your suggestion. Right now I have a cheap Ibanez HSH.
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You could try a used Vox AC30, you might be able to pick one up for about £500. Or, you could shell out a bit more, and instead of getting any distortion pedals, you could get this:


I quite like that amp. It gives really nice Fender cleans, and some more higher gain tones. That's the cheapest I found it, but I'm not really sure about that website. Oh well.
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60W is quite high for what I need, doubt I'll need anything more than 15-30W.. I'm not gigging with it or anything (should have said). Also SS amps are cool with me.. I've heard both kinds while gigging and haven't developed a preference either way.
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The Vypyr series are incredibly versatile. The 30 W is about $200 I think, but its a pain to carry around, so you might want the 15 W instead. As for pedals, idk, I don't have the money to buy them so.

Edit: I thought you said $500, and I figured it wasn't too hugely under budget. Never mind.
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