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16 24%
52 76%
Voters: 68.
Identical guitars except for the Wilkinson and the colour.
If you ignore the fact that the green has a Wilkinson, what guitar would you have?
(there are different pups in them atm, but ignore that too)

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Green one is much nicer.

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i prefer green. but the green also has covered pups so that makes the two different a little bit. i think i would pick green either way.

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Not just because it's green though.
The Flame Figuring is MUCH nicer on the green one.

If THAT one was red, I would still pick it over the other one.

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Well, i have the red, and a dude i know have the green.
I want a wilkinson, and he hates green, so we might change guitar (without pups, he has some bare knuckles in the green one he wants to keep)

i'm leening towards changing guitars with him now.
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I like the sort of fireglow effect on the red one. For me, the green is a little to far towards the blue.
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That green is beautiful.
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