i am a beginner to soloing..and is practising my fingers..those 1234 exercises u know, and i found it hard to control my little finger especially when it is the first finger to tound a upper or lower string, is it normal? can it be overcomed by practice? thanks
yes just practice it takes a little bit of time to get it strengthened
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yeah, it'll come by practice, that's what the exercise is for (ok, it's also for finger control and all that..), so yes, you'll overcome it
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yup, try using it for stuff you would normally use other fingers for to build up its strength

practice lots of pull-offs and hammer-on's with it to
thats normal as a beginner that fingers one of the weakest, just keep doing exersizes like 1,2,3,4,....1,4,2,3....

theres another one (more advanced) ill do fingering (lol) underneath...


**with the fingers its
1- index finger


PRACTICE WITH A METRONOME not a Metro gnome.. theyre totally diffrent , metro gnomes bite.. metronomes give you a beat for you to keep in time with.
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here are my foundings after some days of painful 1234 exercises, maybe if you guys dun mind please comment on them:

1. it is not just about pressing the string correctly, leaving the string correctly is also important, otherwise you got noise.

2. fast is not fast, smoth is fast, let the mindset be accomodated to the fret and the feeling of touching strings and the ways you touch them , you can be fast naturally.

3. take the opportunity to practise using pick too, try to play the smallest hearable sound, feel the pick.

4. cellus on finger tips are not for showing off, they just block the touching sensation of your finger tips.