what is the difference between the isp decimator pedal and the isp decimator pro rack?
They are the same thing, one is in pedal form, and the other is rack mounted. The rack has two channels and can run at line-level in the loop.

There is the "G" version of both. Those compare the input reference signal with an output signal - and use an algorithm to filter out the noise.
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i dont use any effects so is worth it to spend the extra money on the rack version?

the g is out of my price range
Do you have any other rack gear? If not, then I wouldn't worry about getting the rack version.

Is your amp very noisy? If you are considering a Prorack, then the ISP Decimator G String Pedal is not out of your budget. The G string will take care of feedback AND amp hiss in from the loop.
no rack gear YET.. but eventually i would like to have a rack with eq, tuner and the decimator. i just wanted to know if the rack pro is better than the stomp box or if its the same thing just made to fit in a rack. if its the same thing i might hold off on the rack gear and just get the box for now.

no the amp isnt noisy (krank rev) but my guitar is (jackson with a new emg pickup).
^ I'd go for the pedal then. If your amp isn't hissy and you need to quell feedback, just get the regular ISP pedal and run it in front of the amp.