I'm in a bit of pickle. I'm currently in middle school and trying to start a punk band. It seems that everyone at my school plays guitar, but they all are terrible and are beginners. Did I mention everyone's a metalhead??? Sorry about my large variety of smilies, I am trying to make a statement that I have a rant going on. (lol) I am now in the process of putting ads up in every middle and high school in the area. Hopefully, 3000+ kids will see this ad. But if I don't get a call, are there any other ways I can find people to be in a band with?
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I find it humorous that there are tons of threads almost exactly like this.

Requirements for the countless threads like this:

1: They are in some kind of trouble.

2: They are in a punk band (nothing wrong with that of course).

3: Everyone around them appear to be metal heads.

Op, other than what you are doing. I don't think there is much you CAN do now.

Well, Craigslist is pretty good, but you gotta watch out for who you meet on it.

Maybe a compromise? Make it hardcore band to attract some of those metalheads. Then again, punk is pretty good for those who aren't very good at their instruments too. Drummers are hard to find especially. Just have to keep looking and you'll eventually find the right guys.
You can always play with people older than yourself, if you are willing.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Hang out at local gigs to meet people who are also into music?

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Have you thought about joining a metal band? Try getting them into punk and if that doesn't work try getting them to do some crossover.
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ask people at your local guitar/music shop. there are sometimes ad's there and usually they have lessons and so on for kids so chances are you would find 10 other people to play with easy.

but ask the guys that work at the store. your town may have a paper where you can put an ad out looking for a band. or they may have a billboard you can post your ad up on. and the chance to meet people that actually know how to play there is far more great then a school
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train the beginner metal heads to play punk, punk is not that hard, lure them in with the distorted powerchords (they probably cant play good riffs yet) and just work from there
Are you in a band or a guitar class at school? There are probably plenty of musicians in your school's music program who aren't metalheads or complete beginners.
I don't think you can start a super serious band in school very easily. Especially middle school.
Most kids at that age find it hard to make commitments and would rather hang out with friends than practice guitar four hours a day. I tried to start a band in middle school but I think everyone in the band(Including me) was a bit too immature for it.
There's also the problem of not being able to play in 19+ shows.

I hope this makes sense.

Also, best way to find other musicians is at shows.
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