Recently my band has started playing some harder stuff....

meaning that we went from bloc party to Queens of the stone age pretty damn fast

problem being that i had never planned on rockin' anything as chunky as QOTSA
and my telecaster can't handle it without choking on it's own fuzz

so my question is do i need to save up for a humbucker equipped guitar? or is their a pickup change (or any other change) i can make to make my tele rock harder

p.s cost is most definitely a factor since i won't have a job for a while
You can play heavy with a SC equipped tele, it just sounds different. Paired with a another guitarist playing a humbucker equipped guitar (both running heavy distortion), it can sound pretty nice because the singles cut through differently. Ofcourse, if you want the more common distorted sound, I would recommend a really good amp or new HB guitar or pickup swap to compensate.
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Pedals are good. Boosts, good distortion pedals... Yeah, you could probabky pull it off. QotSA aren't THAT heavy.
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