Hello - my bassist recently acquired some money and has decided to buy a new amp, which is good because his current one sounds like a tin can.

Can GG&A give any recommendations

Budget - £200
Use - Gigs and band practice
Location - West Sussex
Willing to go used.

Obviously the budget isnt very big but that's all he's got for quite a while.

Would this be a good deal?


Cheers - Tom
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I don't think it would be loud enough for gigs unless your plugging into a PA. I also think you need more money for a amp that will be powerful enough for your needs.
A nice preamp D.I. pedal, Dave hall makes some really nice ones, with multiple channels. there vary from 60-250 pounds. Get one of those and go straight into the pa. Best answer i can provide for free.
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As the guy suggested above a Mag 300 are great and quite easily handle gigging. I am currently selling mine as I need some space if you are interested and would sell it for around £200.
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