Ok so I am currently building a SAGA HT-10 (PRS style, of which I'll post pictures once I've completed it) and my brother has offered to buy me a set of pick ups in the price range of about £140 for the set (He offered to get some Seymour Duncan's or similar priced p/ups).

I plan to probably use this guitar for blues, John Mayer-esque stuff...

So.... Wise people, what should I ask for that will suit this style of music?
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Thats really great of your brother.

Anyway, that guitar is HH, whereas John Mayer uses strats for the most part. So you'll be wanting something low output. For your budget you can get some of the best pickups there is. Rockmonkeyguitars (made by a guy who posts on here) are great. I have some strat ones and the quality is absolutely perfect. I haven't tried his humbuckers, but judging by the quality of mine, they'll be really good. Check out his smooth heritage set.
if the tome your looking for usualy uses strats/single coil pickups, and the kit is routed to HH,

i would say get some humbuckers that can coil split, so a extra switch on you guitar will aldo be needed.

and bein able to split, pretty much gives you both a single coil, or a humbucker, so that good!

good luck on your build, and be sure to post pics!!!
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You could also look at British made pickups by Irongear (in Kendel). check out the website, very nice pickups. They have sound clips for each pikcup and...you could get them for probably half of your budget, leaving room for better...something else too!

It looks like they have added a Premier line as well now!

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Great help Thanks a lot guys!

EDIT: This irongear site is amazing. I was totally unaware of these p/ups and I'm blow away by the price/tone!

I shall include details of the p/ups when I post up my build
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