Your voice is so pleasant,
It's like a sweet lullaby,
Like the chirping of the birds,
Heaven on the Earth.

I look at your hair,
Falling to your side,
The smile filled with grace,
Trapping me in time and space.

I'm wandering in cold wet nights,
I dream to see your face,
Just one more time,
Because I have to say...

Chorus:- x2
I love you baby,
I don't know what to do,
But I have to say this at least once everyday,

I saw you one time,
Then I spoke to you twice,
I touched you thrice,
And I kissed you all the time...

Oh, it didn't work out the first time,
And we got caught on the second,
But I hope you know your always mine,
Thats not gonna break if I'm weakened.

Finally I speak to you on the phone,
At least once or twice a week,
It makes me remember our home,
Cause you bring me back on my feet.

And slowly as our feelings deepen,
You know you can't hold back,
There is a limit to every beacon,
So please I have to say...

Chorus x2
Guitar Solo..

Chorus x1
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Oh btw... I wanted all the coments and crits so i can improve.
Usual sappy love song.

But it's good.

Umm..that's supposed to be 'makes' near the end, not 'make', right?
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