imma buy an ac30 combo but im doubting about what speaker i should get.

i play nirvana-ish grunge, kings of leon/ killers-ish indie
and i get my nirvanadistortion using an boss ds-1 so i need a speaker wich can do nice cleans and nice distorted sounds.(i don't need high-gain metalsounds)

i know the alnico are way better, but they r also very expensive.
-are they worth their price?

-and all of those big bands who play on ac30 do they use alnico's or warfdales?

they probably use alnico blues...a good less costly alternative are the Warehouse Guitar Speakers "Black and Blue" speakers...check them out
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For your music, I would stick with the warfdales.
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The wharfdales are fine if you don't know what you want. You can upgrade later, my favorite combo is a Weber blue dog and a silver bell (blue and greenback styles).