I'm getting a new guitar and I have choosing between the Schecter C-1 FR or the Damien FR.

I mostly play metal and hard rock. and have a G1X Zoom effects pedal and a peave envoy110 amp.

I know the C-1 FR overall is more expensive, probably meaning its better. But I noticed that the Damien has EMG pickups and the C-1 Duncan designed pickups. And since I don't know much about these different pickups is why I'm asking your opinion about which guitar would be better for me, playing mostly metal. I heard EMG are awesome for metal but for all I know duncan designed ones are better.

Thanks alot
I have heard the C-1's pups are Blackout clones, which are great for metal. I would go with that. I have an older C-1, and i love it. I liked it better than the damien, it felt better.
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No Emgs are probably better than Duncan designed...

But if you can find a guitar with real duncans, that ll probably be the best (most organic tone, most versatility, more dynamics etc etc).
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Buy an C-1 ATX... best guitar ever.
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I just got my C-1 FR Hellraiser on Monday and I love it. The EMG's sound great and once I got thru the initial confusion of trying to restring and tune the thing (my first floyd rose experience) the thing is absolutely orgasmic to play. My sister-in-law's boyfriend has a $2000+ Ibanez JEM and I feel that my Hellraiser feels, sounds, and plays better.
emg hz are horrible. but then again i dont like most duncan designed either. i say get the one that feels better but i would swithc out the pickups on either one.
Yeah I'm not getting a hellrasier though. I'm just getting the C-1 FR. Which is still decent and oh yeah btw I decided on the C-1 cuz I noticed that the Damien's EMG's are Hz and not 81/88 or w/e. And the Duncan designed pickups are blackout clones, which apparently is very good for metal.

The C-1 has a licensed Floyd Rose. As far as I know this means it's a Floyd Rose made by Schecter but FLoyd Rose licensed it, meaning it's decent right? Or is it a crappy floyd rose then?
the damien has EMGhz passives, the c-1 has duncan designed passive blackouts basically. i havent heard them to much to tell the difference. i would say go for the c-1 fr.

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C-1 FR, the DD actives are pretty good.

Of course, you can always swap them for something else later (real blackouts).
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I choose the C-1 fr over the Damien, just didn't like the feel of it, and the EMG H's in it are pretty muddy.
I love my hellraiser. It's got active 81/89s, grover tuners, coil taps so you can make it sound like it's got single coils and the floyd doesn't say liscenced so I think it's original fr. The neck is a little fat. I have the c-1 classic too and its a great guitar but I needed a floyd. I had the damien fr and liked it but it was real heavy. If you could afford the hr fr I'd get one of those. It's worth the wait to save the money. It screams,blues,exelent clears..one stop shop.