Could someone suggest classical songs with really fast parts? Like, idk, something like moonlight sonata but guitar oriented?

Theres no classical forum in Bands & Artists ~_~
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Do you want songs that were originally meant for "classical guitar"? or just classical songs that can be easily transposed for guitar?

I wouldnt mind either

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Nice one
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DUEL OF FATES - John Williams

One Winged Angel - Nobuo Uematsu

Oh guitar oriented?


wait for guitar
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Eric claptons version of Classical Gas

I like this

I think these are enough


Here. For all your classical guitar needs.

As for actual songs, try something by Paganini. For instance, Caprices 5 and 24.
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Ill Tempered Lancaran by Nathaniel Braddock performed by the Los Angeles Electric 8, if you can find it
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One Winged Angel - Nobuo Uematsu


Or play Michael Romeo's version of moonlight sonata arranged for guitar =]