I have a very traditional stance regarding country music. I like the old stuff and not much of the new stuff since it's become more about materialism, superficiality, arrogance and bigotry. But I'm a sucker for the instrumentation behind most country music. And lyrically...you shied away from what I don't like, which I really really like. The singing was mellow and melted with the guitar very well. No playing mistakes and no singing mistakes that I could hear, although you sounded a tad bit shakey near the beginning.

Overall a very nice song.
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A little too country for me. But I do quite like the concept of the lyrics, quite creative. The style of the vocals, once more, too country for me. But I dig it. Play with dynamics more. You were pretty spot on with the vocals. I agree with the other posts, a band would take this up a level. Alright guy, an Alright song. :]

dude I love it, I think you just got me into country it just flowed so pleasantly and made me smile, especially the last line... classic
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well to be honest im not really a fan of country but its cool thats just not my style u kno?
but with that being said, your singing was good i didnt really hear any pitch mistakes or anything good job! i like the concept of the lyrics too =)
like a lot of other ppl mentioned already, i think it'd benefit a lot from having a band backing the song or at least having it layered with a few more guitars to get that big sound
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hey thanks for the crit on my song!!! i gotta say while im not generally a huge fan of country music and was a little tenative at the beginning, by the middle i was quite enjoying it and the change of pace from what i generally listen to. i agree with a lot of the people here, everything from the singing to the playing was quite solid, no major mistakes that in any way took away from the listening experience, although i feel like a nice fitting drum beat would have both solidified the sound and added to that kinda mellow/chill vibe i got from this song, ya know more solidly distinguish tempo and fill in some voids while keeping it as a nice relaxed piece.
Not my thing, but hey. I can picture this song being played on the radio. When I worked at a crappy gas station the radio station would play a bunch of country tunes and they were horrible garbage, but you have a little more to it. It's more interesting lyrically and it's actual music rather than a big joke. I appreciate what you've done.
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Country music really isn't my cup of tea, but I've gotta say, the way you do it really adds an element most modern country is missing. It's honest and actually feels like there's meaning behind it.

Very good lyrics, and it flowed quite well. With a little polish, I definitely picture that on an album.

If you'd like you can check out mine. No biggie though!
Hey, cheers for the crit of my song

The guitar playing was really mellow, I liked the chords you were using and the wee guitar licks in the background are a quite nice touch I think.

Vocals are pretty cool and the lyrics suited the music perfect I thought. Quite a country accent you've got by the way lol.

The only thing I could think that would make it a bit better is having some sort of percussion. Just bongo's or something might add something I think.

Overall I quite enjoyed, not really what I usually listen to but it was pretty cool.
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Well I don't really like country but it was still a well written Song.

The guitar sounded good and mixed well with the vocals which were also sung well.

I didn't here any guitar or vocal mistakes. I wish the song had bass/drums though, drums would help the most.

It sounds better than most country I ever here, lol.

Its also a tad short, but that's not that bad.

Thanks for the crit, also!
Hey, sorry I took this long. Thanks for the crit.

Good chords and vocals. I like the little lead things thrown in on the guitar, not too subtle but not too standout. I like the lyrics too, especially the line "One half hippie, one half cowboy", I loved that haha. Good quality and mixing. Drums would help. Good song, and good job.
Hey man.. sorry I took a while to respond. This is great though! One thing that makes me smile/cringe at the same time about country is the simplicity of the lyrics. There are certain country songs whose lyrics just make me want to stab it's writers mind so that a little more creativity flows out. However this song just flows very smoothly.. lyrics, guitar, little leads in the background, and the occasional backup vocals, simple but very organic. I like the fact that it's short too.. it doesn't drag on like so many a country song does, just tells a tale shortly and sweetly.

Great song man thanks for the crit on mine
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very cool man. all your stuff is unique with your voice and you have a good beachy guitar feel going on in this which i completely dig.

keep it up man