ok i have an Austin Stratocaster,(just think of a Fender Strat its exactly the same) and i have 2 single coils on it, and a humbucker on the bridge, but the humbucker is wired up like a single coil, so were just going to say i have three singles. now the two tone knobs, the bottom tone knob works the middle pickup, and the top one works the neck pickup. well i need help wiring it up so that my bridge pickup will work with my bottom tone knob. anybody that can help?
Please read the first page of this thread:
The Ultimate Guitar Wiring thread - READ the first page! OR ELSE!

If you don't find the answer to your question, post in that thread.

Be specific about what you're after. You have 2 tone knobs.
State whether you want the second one to control BOTH the middle and bridge or the bridge ONLY.

anyway, see you in the Guitar Wiring thread, not here.
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