About a week ago i bought my first Distortion pedal "Wampler Pinnacle"
it worked fine and all until suddenly one day it stopped working...
i assumed that the Battery was dead because the LED wasnt on so i tried to connect the pedal to a 9 volt power supplier...the LED was on but i didnt heard any sound ..so i tried to replace the battery...and again the same problem....the cables were fine i checked them twice...
But when i came to the shop to replace it the pedal worked just fine ....
What may cause the problem ???
Maybe the power supplier was screwd and the battery too ?
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Looks like it's your amp or maybe a cable problem. Play your guitar straight through to your amp with all your leads to check if any have a bad connection
If you had the power supply and the battery in, and the power supply was dead, the pedal might not work. When the power supply is in, the battery is defeated. Try it with just the battery if you haven't already.
i tried it only with the battery and it didnt work...
Can the amp be the problem ?
because he broke yesterday
but he worked fine when the pedal stoped working...
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what do you mean....the pedal is true bypass ofc the amp will work when the pedal is off...
but the strange thing is that the LED is on but the pedal dosent make any sound....
it looks like my pedal dosent get enough power...what can cause it
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I had that problem. Turns out the pedal got fried.
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How could my pedal be fried if it still works at other people.?