I know that there is a whole section for gear (as a matter of fact I spend 99% of my time on UG in GG&A) but lets face it, they offer very little advice when it comes to bass related stuff, which is why I'm posting in here.

Anyway, I've got an offer to audition for bassist of a local cover band (they play old rock like GnR, Heart, etc). I have some off-brand Jazz Bass copy and a '74 Fender Bassman 50 head with a Sunn 1x15 cab (Electro-Voice SRO15 speaker) - so lets face it, I don't have the best gear out there.

As we all know the majority of your tone comes from your amp so I'm more worried about replacing it first. I'd like to keep it on the cheap side so I'm currently looking at the Ashdown MAG series and Acoustic amps. Anyone have any input on either of these amp lines?
I liked Acoustic when i played them..but of course the Ampeg blew it out of the water :]

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If its a valve bassman, i would keep it, i think there great, and the sunn cabs are fairly good, and EV are really good, and they know how to make a cab. I would say its your bass thats the main problem, your amp sounds good. Maybe also get a second 1x15 to go on top of the sun, for a full sound.
But if your really unhappy, I think the ashdown mag is one of the best amps for your money. I won a mag 600R and the first one cost me 300 which is sold and then bought the same amp for 200(dont ask) so there cheap loud and sound good, but i wouldnt say even the mag sounds modern, so it would be good for old rock. Im playing throguh two DIY 1x15's.
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Well thanks for the input. The main reason I was looking into Ashdown is because I own a Fallen Angel 60 head and two 4x12's for my guitar and I absolutely love that amp so I figured if a company that mainly produces bass amps can make a killer guitar amp then their bass amps must be pretty amazing as well.

Fatgoogle - Yea my Bassman is tube. The main beef that I have is the amp starts to break up a bit prematurely, imo, and while that natural distortion sounds good for a guitar, I'm not a big fan of it when it comes to bass. Also, the speaker sounds a bit flubby - I'd like something with a bit tighter bass response.
Ya i understand that bit about flaby-ness, well first mess with your eq, you might be able to work something out, for the distortion maybe some smoother preamp tubes might help.

But otherwise if you can afford to change i think you might prefer ashdown to acoustic as its more coloured, like a tube amp. Try some amps out though and see water floats you boat. Geddit, Geddit!!!!!
Yamaha TRB1006
Fender MIA jazz bass
Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
Ev 606L
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Haha well thanks. I've had this Bassman for a couple years now and I mainly use it for guitar. The old man that gave it to me said that it sat in his attic for 30-some years so it still has the original tubes in it - a retube may be just what I need actually.

I really don't know that much about bass gear so could you point me in the direction of a decent cab that will be a bit tighter than my Sunn - possibly a nice 4x10 that would compliment the Sunn well? Or would I be better off going with another 1x15?
Hartke make nice, inexpensive cabs. I think ashdown and acoustic both do too
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