We recently created a 'studio/practice' room inside our house. With drums and tube amps and everything. Now thats all great, but now my tube amp is downstairs and I really want to practice my guitar on my room aswell:P since there is no internet or anything in the studio room I cant really practice all the time there (Cant search tabs/practice along side songs easy way).

So basicly Im getting an amp to fit on my room. Now I hear really really (I mean realy) bad stories about spider amps and stuff, so I want to be carefulll with what I buy. Budget? around 300 euros.

hope you can help.
Do you have an extra cab anywhere? I think you can get a Blackstar HT-5 with that much?
I have a huge fear if rays.
Valve or SS?
One of the Roland Cubes or Peavey Vypyrs would do nicely for practice but if you must have valves, look on www.thomann.de and see what is in their tube combo section.
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Fender Super Champ XD. It's got all your tones in a small package and a tube power section. It's an awesome sounding amp. The DSP FX and voicing sound much better than any multifx amp that I've used.