I've been trying to play guitar but the strings keep shocking my fingers. Does this have to do with the cable because it is a little torn up so that's the only thing I'm thinking it could be. ideas? I have no other cables so i can't test the theory out.
go to your local guitarstore and try it out
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I have an old ampeg tube amp that does the same thing. The problem with mine is that the ground part of the amp plug is missing, so I'll get shocked if I complete a circuit by touching two metal things.

My temporary resolution has been the polarity switch on the amp, which I conjectured affected the manner in which the tremolo oscillates (someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'd like to know it's actual use), which for some reason grounds the circuit when flipped in the right direction.

My suggestion would be to get the cable replaced if it's your 1/4''. Is your amp grounded (have the third plug at the end of the cord)? Or you could be an asshole like me and play until it kills you someday.
This is way beyond my scope of wisdom.

The voltages until the power amp section in the signal line are really small, so this is weird.

But be very careful, maybe you ****ed something up really bad, like plugging the guitar in to the 220/110V outlet or something.
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yeah it's grounded. It only does it every now and then so idk. yeah i'll take it somewhere and try it.
It's either your pickup's ground, or your amps ground.
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I've been wondering this too. When I went to the Guitar Shop when I got my JS, There was an Ibanez LP Double Cuttaway that I picked up and it shocked me.
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