I just heard about this composite electric guitar thats just now being produced by the same company that makes CA acoustic guitars. Anyone else heard about it?

http://www.compositeelectrics.com/ is the link

Looks awesome to me and I'd love to never have to adjust my SG every season!
Ugly guitar imo. There was a thread about carbon fiber guitars a while back you might like to look into. I do like the idea, and i understand it might make set up easier and stuff, but you can never beat a good plank o' wood to slap.
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A friend of mine has an all synthetic guitar... he paid a **** ton for it and regretted it. Nothing beats wood.
There was a thread on this same guitar like, 2 days ago...

And I'll say the same thing I said in there... horrible fret access..
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After having played one, I would never buy a carbon guitar. It just doesn't respond like wood.
Plus, if you're looking for fret access...fuhgeddaboutit!
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You're welcome
maybe if you're touring like crazy and are worried about damaging your guitar? but why not just get a tele?

tone freaks will hate it either way.