Hey all. So I've bought a few packs of DR EXTRA LIFE coated strings in the past. The first couple were 9 gauges which broke quite quickly. I bought a pack of 10 gauges and they've played great, one of the strings just broke again. It wasn't a brand new set, no. But it wasn't a very old one either, and I figured they would last longer. It may be my playing, I'm not sure, could be the strings. I like them though, because they play well (and I like the red color ). Has any one else used these had a similar experience? Do you find they break quicker than you would like, or is it just me? Also, any other decent brand to suggest? I play mostly metal, fast and heavy stuff, and things like punk rock occasionally. And I never really tune that far down. The lowest I usually go would be Eb or drop C#. I tend to stay in standard usually though.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Try Dean Markley? Maybe some GHS? Ernie Ball breaks easy in my opinion from experience, DR in 9 gauge has lasted me a while but the gauge is too light. 9 gauge strings are fragile and the high end strings generally go goodnight quick, slightly off topic here but could you tell us how long you've been playing? You might be getting too rough with them, try some 11 gauge if you like to beat the hell out of the strings
Not quite 2 years yet, it will be 2 in January. I do sometimes go a bit harsh on the strings, yeh.
I might try the Markley's, you aren't the first to suggest them.
That happened to me a lot too, high e and occasionally the g or b always went quick. It reached a point for me where I had to change the gauge, sometimes factory set guitars at 9 aren't always as much fun to start with as they appear to be, with a tremolo it's worse.
just get daddario .10s

last long and have good tone
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I have played Daddarios, they were nice. I keep hearing conflicted opinions about their breakage however. I might just try a mass buy and get a ton of different ones.
I use to use Dr Extra life and they never broke. They sound really good and last a long time but I have moved ti Dr Tite fit because I like them better. They are the best strings I have every used. And my personal experence with Dean Markley is that they sucked but thats just me. You could also try Eren ball slinkys but im not a fan of those myself.
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