Two of my flatmates - a guy and a girl - have asked me to teach them how to play.

I've never taken lessons in my life and have taught myself everything from chords to pinch harmonics (figured it out by accident), without the use of books or for a long time, this site. I've started reading some in order to help me teach them because I have the patience but perhaps not the teaching skills. But every time I read through lessons, all I can think of is "God dammit, this is boring". I don't want to put them off playing, because both of them are enthusiastic about it.

I've decided to do it in a fun way. So far, both of them know the riff on Iron Man by Black Sabbath and some basic chords. The guy has a lot of difficulty with rhythm keeping but has been studying chord books and so on, so all I need to do is work on his beat-keeping (he goes too fast at bits he knows he can do, as if he's rushing it). The girl however, is picking up fast and I'm teaching her power chords in order to build the strength in her fingers and get her used to strumming. Unfortunately, she's dyslexic and finds chord sheets and books difficult to understand. I'm going to teach her some ACDC riffs, (although she insists on learning Thunderstruck, which I think might be a bit out of her league at the moment), but I'm not sure if I'm going the right way about things.

I think what's important to begin with is that they have fun playing and learning. Nothing seems more dry and gut-wrenchingly dull to me than going through scales over and over again, so I'm thinking instead of giving them scalesheets I'll give them a few licks n' riffs that use certain scales and chords, but actually sound like a song, and play it to them so they know what it sounds like. I also want them to attempt to experiment and make their own basic riffs and jam out together/with me, as that's how I learned myself. Do you think this is a good idea, or should I just teach them songs they've heard of? Or should I just go through with boring but orthodox lessons with scales, note progressions etc.? Also, how can I help the guy with his rhythm problems?

Sorry for the possible wall of text and my naivity - I just want to make sure they learn properly and I don't screw up their ability to play. Playing music is a beautiful and sacred thing, after all, and I've never taught anyone before :S

Thanks for any help.
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have fun
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scale sheets are necessary and very important it makes things easier in the long run. If you simply want to play in a punk band fine, teach your friends your way. But if you want them to learn guitar start practicing scales I find starting with F major is cool since it starts on the first fret rather than going alphabetical from G and A it becomes easy once u learn one theirs ways to make interesting play a two string lick all the way up every position. Remember " Actually learning things is hard " - coach mcgirk
I'm going to teach them to be more advanced than punk... Yeesh, what kind of animal do you think I am!? :p

My point is though, I never learned scales. I just 'figured' them out from a lot of messing around. It was only until 2 years ago that I actually learned the names for them xD
Matter is void. All is vanity. All is nothing. Nothing exists.

But damn does whisky rule
Why not try teaching them scales in a more fun way then running through them? You said you wanted to teach them to jam with you and make up their own riffs, why not ad improvisation into it? Do something like teach them a scale you play the rhythm for them and have them make up stuff on the spot.
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