Hey everybody, this is a song I just finished a few minutes ago and I thought I would put it up here to see what a few of you think. This is my second progressive metal song and I'm pretty happy with the result. The song switches keys pretty often. This is very Scale The Summit influenced, as can be heard. Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks!
Don't Stretch It.zip
This type of music isn't really for me, it's really flat and boring. With one drum and one guitar. lol.

I forced myself to listen to te rest, and it does progress a lot from the terrible start.
I'm really not sure about bar 57s 'let ring' attack, just sounds terrible...

Bits and pieces of the song are cool, but i'm generally not liking it. The fact that i had to turn up the guitar and bass sucked, i'm assuming this wasn't on purpose?

Sorry i can't get to CC this well..
alright man i like most of the song
the intro was very cool id give it a 4/5
but the verse after that was very boreing
now the leads and the solo was very cool id give those a 7/10
i like the bass u got very creative in some parts.

overall id give the song about a 7/10

can u please do c4c and comment my bands song


it b a big help
I'm digging this. I liked your use of time signatures, it flowed very nicely. I like a lot of the drum parts. I like measure 50 and the transition into the next part, especially on the drums I like that this song isn't straight metal, and some parts are nice and groovy. I'd give it a 9/10