Well its finally here, after a weeks wait and WOW does it sound good. I present without any further adue my Bugera V55

Any other pics available on request, unfortunatly i dont have my strat or a mike at home so no clips for the moment i may upload some later :P
Very Nice Congratz!!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Either the amp's really small or that foot switch is HUMONGOUS!
I can't wait till my fro is full grown.
no i just did a rly closeup of the foot-switch without any reference, if you look closely you can see the lines in the hardwood
Sexy new amp day!
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Ohhhh I thought the picture above the one of the footswitch was part of that one!

Congrats, this amp looks awesome! Upload some mp3s so we can hear how this baby sounds.
I can't wait till my fro is full grown.
i wanna upload mp3's i really do, it sounds warm and thick even through my rg's stock **** pickups but my headset mike doesnt pick it up well enough. Ill try and get a mike soon.