I have an Ibanez Rg350dx guitar, with an original floyd rose tremolo, and the b string of my guitar is pretty much completly buzzed out. and all the other strings are fine, i was just curious if anyone knew a solution to fix this, cause i dont even know why its like that, i tried raising the bridge by unloosening the bolt that holds the trem on but no luck. Help would be much appreciated!
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check to make sure that it isn't buzzing against a fret or pickup anywhere, that would be the easiest solution. If so, raise the action/lower the pickups accordingly. Next, check the saddles and the nuts to see if the string slot somehow got worn out and is too wide for the string. If that's the problem, I'm not entirely sure how you would fix that without replacing it.
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Play each fret on the B string and see if there's buzz. Once you find the fret that buzzes, I'd raise the action a little.