Hello UG,

I'm looking for a distortion/ OD pedal for my Laney LC30, it has good cleans and classic rock tones, but thats about it. I need the pedal to be able to make a good pop-punk, hard rock (Muse, Alter Bridge), and shred tone (Paul Gilbert, MAB). I'd like to pay under $200 but MAX $250. I live in Canada if it helps.

Hey, man, it's just my opinion, but with the right tweaking, a Boss DS-1 gets the job done every time you're playing something that doesn't cross into the realm of Heavy Metal. As for a shred tone, I've never actually played one, but there's a Seymour Duncan pedal that sounds awesome: the Twin Tube Mayhem. I think that's what it's called. But anyway, I think it goes for somewhere close to $200, look it up on musiciansfriend.com.
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