I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now, and I'm just now trying my hand at songwriting. I have three songs in my profile:

"Close Encounters In Tight Spaces"-simple acoustic I wrote literally in 5 minutes. Any advice on how to flesh it out would be greatly appreciated

"She's Dead"-I had my buddy's drum kit over, so I decided to try to make a sweaty-bar rocker.

"Nothing Good Happens After Midnight"-my first songwriting attempt

Anyway, I'm the only one there in the recordings, so that means I had to sing and play drums...both of which I'm completely new to (so be gentle).

Oh, and if you want me to crit your song, I'll be more than happy to.

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Yo! I gotta say man. Close encounters in Tight Spaces has some real potential.

It depends on how you want to go with it but I've got a few suggestions. If you're shooting to make the "I finally found you...." part the chorus, then after you do that you could go into a picking transition (nothing slow though! keep it all upbeat), lead back into a verse like the beginning.

You could also keep that as an ending/outro, because it does kind of sum things up and make a good ending, but I think it makes a good hook for a chorus.

The "woah"s at the end add some effect, but the song needs to be more meaty (which I'm sure you already know). It seems like as soon as I got into it, it ended!

I'd love to hear it again when youre done working with it! Awesome.

If you've got time to check mine, go for it. If not, no biggie.