So as you might be able to gather from my other posts, I have a little extra money and am on a modification/improvement kick. I have an epiphone sg special, little crappy cheap guitar that plays nice, but has a few setbacks. I'm saving money for an amp, and chances are I will have this guitar for a good long while, mostly because I'm in college and it just doesn't make sense to buy the kind of guitar I want, because truthfully I don't need it. I'm going to do a few things to this guitar in the near future, but I'm up in the air about a few things and need some suggestions.

1.New pickups-This guitar really plays nice with the action low and I like it, but the pickups, the neck especially, are crap. Now here's what I'm thinking, I play a lot of metal, of the lamb of god and killswitch engage variety, so a GFS power rail bridge pickup is looking good for the bridge. I've heard nothing but good thinks about GFS, and on my budget, there isn't a better deal.

Now for the neck, I was wanting something a little more versatile, something I can clean up and solo with, also play some grungy, crunchy stuff. I was thinking about a GFS crunchy PAT for the neck. I think it will be a nice compliment to the power rails, plus, if nothing else, it looks nice.

The problem I have with this is that they won't match, on my plain black sg I want pickup covers to break up all the black and the chrome buckers look nice. Can I install a pickup cover on a rail pickup? Something like this ? Also, would this combo compliment each other nicely sound-wise?

2.The other complaint I have with my guitar are the tuning keys....plain and simple, they just suck. I'm on the market for some budget minded, but quality tuning keys. I love the look of the vintage keys with the pearl-like buttons. I also want lockers I think. Can someone point me in the direction of what I'm looking for. By budget I mean I'd like to keep it under 50 dollars.

Thanks, I'd be lost without people who knew what they were doing. Oh, and please please please no "Just save your money for a better guitar" comments. I like the way my guitar plays, I really do, and if I can just fix those two problems I'd be stoked.