Ok so I've been playing guitar for roughly two years now, completely self taught. Skill wise I'm getting to the stage where I can play most songs that I would like to ranging from stuff such as a7x to John Mayer (big difference, i know :P )

But my problem is that I know basically NO theory at all.... I know at this point that I wont get much better unless I learn, a lot.

I'm off to uni in a month and I'm gonna have some spare time there, so my question is do you guys have any kind of .rar file or links that contain a comprehensive theory lesson/guide that will cover theory from basic through to advanced?

Really sorry if theres a thread for this kinda stuff, if so just let me know then delete it

TL;DR - halp me learn LOTS of theory, please?
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my band teacher uses some site to teach us
but i dont know what its called,
try googling it, it might "halp" as you say
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