hey any fans of silent hill music? i feel akira yamaoka deserves alot of respect for the creative creepy music hes done in silent hill games. some fave tracks are sh1 opening theme, sh1 not tomorow. sh2 theme of laura, sh2 promise. sh3 your not here, sh3 i want love remix. sh4 cradle to forest etc..
I haven't heard any of it, but my band is named after a song on one of the soundtracks because the name was cool.
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breeze in monochrome night is amazing beyond amazing.
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I love that game! Especially the creepy music. I've never finished at least one game, though. I'm always stuck in the middle of some complicated puzzle.

EDIT: This scares the crap outta me:

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The entire soundtrack of The Room is fantastic- atonal, unmusical... it gets to you. Alongside the crying of children.

The best videogame music comes from Halo games and Metal Gear Solid games.
hey can u tell me what the longer version of 'not tommorow' is called? its a remix and goes on for 5mins ish but i hav'nt got silent hill soundtrack cd to find name, thanx. not tommorow plays at the part where lisa the nurse asks for harry help and bleeds in cutscene, quite a sad scene that.
nah man final fantasy games lays the smackdown for ace music, and star ocean games.
Akira Yamaoka is an amazing composer..he is what really made the game truely scary. The music is so suiting; ominous, sad...sometimes just plain disturbing! I like the music from SH2 and The Room the best, personally. I was always scared of Robbie the Rabbit too
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Yes (looks down at sig lyrics ) Akira is one of my favourite artists actually, didn't really know that many other people listened to his music. As much as I love the games, I listen to the music more than I play the games, and my band may be covering "Waiting For You" from SH4, or maybe Theme Of Laura, as my singer seems to really love it now.

Also, my username comes from Silent Hill 2
yeah i think his works are great and fit extremely well with the atmosphere of the game
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Silent Hill has the best soundtrack of all videogames ever made (along with Castlevania, IMO), and they're also my favourite.
Of course Yamaoka deserves a lot of respect, he's a genius! I have the original soundtracks from SH 1 to 4 and Origins (I've yet to get Homecoming)
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got those myself...the music really made that game for me. It scared the hell out of me. I just loved how the movie used music straight from the game
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