Hi, I recently learned to play the song Layla and when bending the high g note in the intro, I snapped my string, so i replaced them with a set of somethigns but i was just playing along tonight,,,, 2 days later, and I broke the new string B string. < I Changed all 6 strings when I broke the High E>

Is there something I am doing wrong, the string Brand Is Ernie Ball, im not entirely sure of the gauges,,, the bottem 2 are .10 ... .13 i do believe

Did i perhaps choose too light of a string? or just poor brand?? or maybe bad luck/ poor technique?

Help plz
Ernie ball is supposed to be one of the best string brands available.

Is it on electric guitar? Check for any dents on the bridge or check your playing. You probably bent it too far. Strings got to stretch first when you put them on, otherwise they break. Like u gotta stretch before u do some kind of an exercise, the strings got to stretch before they play. Just the way it is.
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I thought they were all ready stretched, They remain in decent tuning, and I didnt think I pickked real hard, but perhaps i did. The strings both broke in the middleish, I have a Jackson warrior guitar, and i don't believe there are any dents in any of the mechanisms
new pick in good condition, I m not sure about how to stretch them properly tho? As I restrung the guitar, I gave them a few snaps/yanks/tugs at the 12th fret
Okay, maybe this is where your problem lies. The way to properly stretch your strings is to tune them up to pitch, pull them up slowly and gently, and lift them to about 3/4 of the 'ceiling stretch' (if you know what I mean). Then gently return them to the fretboard. Key words here: slowly and gently. No snapping or tugging. Tune the string back up to pitch, as it will have gone out of tune, and repeat until the string stays in tune after you've stretched it.
Make sure you are turning the machine head the right way as well. I was wondering why my strings were breaking, and that was the problem.
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maybe sharp points at the nut or bridge or maybe a rough fret. I've never had an Ernie Ball string break on me. all mine were fine. i changed them when i felt like changing them too.
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