After much searching (shops and internet) I've narrowed my first electric guitar
down to one of the following and just wondered if anybody has any comments
on these (good or bad). Any advice on these guitars is appreciated as I'm making the
transition from acoustic to electric and there's just too much choice, and what
appear to be bargains, but without knowing much, they may not be.. I'm into
rock/pop, not jazz or blues.
My top budget for the guitar is £200 and I'll worry about an amp later.

Vintage VHE 90EB £100
Cort X-2 £140
Schecter Blackhawk BC1 - Sunburst £150
Shine SIL-682 £180
personally I have only heard of the Schecter the others I haven't heard of. If you can though just try to see if you can try the guitar, if its at a store. Other than that I dont really know anything about those guitars


That Shine looks pretty solid.
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I would go with the schecter...they make pretty decent guitars and have really good beginner guitars

(wish i knew that when i bought my first guitar instead of buying the bullet strat)

and when youDO go with an amp dont buy the spider III...try to either get a Spider 4 or a roland cube or a peavey vyper

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and when youDO go with an amp dont buy the spider III...try to either get a Spider 4 or a roland cube or a peavey vyper


And, I'd go for the Schecter because I haven't played a single Schecter that wasn't set up perfectly. Schecter's a reputable company, and I would trust anything that was coming out of their shops.
Hey back again, I agree with william, go with the roland cube, I got a marshall half stack right now but I started out with a crappy epiphone amp and I wish I went with the cube.


I have a Shine guitar, was given to me by my Brother-in-Law, plus an Ibanez.
I am desperate for information about the Shine, I even contacted the Saein factory in Korea that made it, but have found out that the place has closed down. So I wondered if any of you guys could help me out. I'm looking for the "Specs" plus anything else you could tell me then I can get it on Ebay.

Make a new thread about it instead of bumping 6 year old threads. you'll get more responses and this thread will get closed in a minute, anyways