Supposing you were forced to flee your home...(hypothetical situation)

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Right, this is a game I played at a recent event I went to, and I was wondering what the Pit made of it...?

Give reasons for your choices if necessary.

An emergency means that you are forced to flee the country and find refuge in another. You've already paid for a train/plane to your chosen refuge.

1. What country would you choose? You can choose any one and you are guaranteed refuge and citizenship there.

2. What 5 essential items would you pack in your bag? You can have any item that is legal.

3. What one song would you DEFINITELY have on your CD player/mp3/iPod? Why?

I chose to flee to the US and take my bass, my favourite band t-shirt (Def Leppard), my Bible and two other items I can't remember. My song would be Level 42's Coup d'Etat.
I'd go to Sweden, take five bottles of vaseline, and a Queen CD.



1: China

- Camera
- Mp3-player
- Motorbike
- Swedish-to-chinese dictionary and phrasebook,
- Rice-hat so I can blend in.

3: Pink Floyd - Goodbye blue sky

I love how the threadtitle says "Supposing you were forced to flee your home...(hypothetical situation)" in case anyone actually thought they were forced to flee their country.
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Turning Japanese

Japanese girls are supposed to be REALLY easy.
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1) America, probably.

- Money
- Ipod / Phone
- Guitar
- Metallica T shirts
- Xbox 360, Maybe

Fade To Black - Metallica

It's an awesome ballad, from the early days of Metallica, who are, in themselves inspirations. The song is also about death and despair, but the solo has a very hopeful up beat sound to it, which would mean I'm facing despair, but there is some hope.

Mainly analytical stuff from English class. And I got a C
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Mp3, laptop, acoustic guitar, my signed picture of ian McKellen, watch.
pistol - dustin kensrue
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1) Australia
2) My guitar, amp, picks, a giant thing of Raid and a triple A battery
3) Comfortably Numb or Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd, why?, because no matter where you are, Pink Floyd will still blow your mind out the back of your head. Pink Floyd is like dynamite, everyone can hear it.
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I'd go to London, England, UK and I'd bring my computer (as a whole unit including the sound system), iPod, phone (charger included), and get the biggest box I could find and stash my gigging gear inside of it and force my family to come along.
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1: England

2:My Les Paul Junior.
The Green Day shirt my girlfriend gave me.
The binder of letters she wrote me during school days where we didn't see eachother.
My boots.
My acoustic.

3: Hmmm.... Maybe Alive by Pearl Jam, for sure. Always loved the song.
1. Australia.

2. My Les Paul.

3. Leaving Blues - Matt Andersen.
1) Australia or Germany maybe.

2) Cell, Ipod, Guitar, Laptop, Crack

3) Prayer Of the Refugee - Rise Against. I'm addicted to that song and it kinda fits the situation.
The north pole/arctic circle

-thermal condoms
-wrangler jeans
-a compass

You won't get with me tonight by weezer.
1. Sudan
2. Mosin-Nagant 1981-30
Ammo case (ours can hold about 600 rounds)
Touring Bike
Army knife
extra socks
3. I've memorized any music worth listening to

my regime would be kick ass!
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Turning Japanese

Japanese girls are supposed to be REALLY easy.

Denmark. If I'm leaving this craphole why not go somewhere happy?

1. my strat
2. my laptop and accessories (cooling unit, wireless mouse, audio interface, etc.)
3. Ipod
4. Crime and Punishment by Fydor Dostoyevsky (you can never read it enough times)
5. As much Gatorade as humanly possible. (I'm addicted to the stuff, have to have 32oz. a day or else I get dehydrated)

The Count of Tuscany-Dream Theater... Do you even have to ask why?
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1. The Netherlands

2. Dutch/English dictionary, Guitar, Amp, Money, Laptop

3. Antennas to Heaven- GYBE
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1. Wales,

2. Money, Phone, Guitar, Clothes, Laptop

3. Man of the World - Peter Green, Good Song
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I'd flee to the US, probably Seattle since I have family there.

I would pack my Ibanez and my Vox, t-shirt, undies, socks (assuming I already had clothes on my back)

Them bones - AIC
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1. Croatia

2. Teddy bear, flashlight, toothbrush, iPod, my acoustic =]

3. Green Grass and High Tides by The Outlaws.
Why? Because it's long and it's f*cking amazing. =]
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1. Cuba. I speak the language, and have some odd family there.

2. Cell phone (si, si they are legal there now!),
..My boyfriend.. (It's legal, and there was no written rule about not bringing a person)
Medical textbook (I can study there)

3. Workin' Day and Night - Michael Jackson. It makes me happen. I can do things while I listen to it, too.

Michael Jackson - Forever loved
Probaby Canada, maybe I'd take it to Vancouver.

iPod I guess
Guitar I guess, couldn't think of anything else

Who cares what song? For right now I guess it'd be Time Consumer by Coheed and Cambria.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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1. Canada

2. Some clothes
ipod and phone.

3. Some Metallica or Alice in Chains, just cause their awesome.
1. USA

2. Phone
My Grandfather's watch
Letters and other stuff from my gf

3. Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. You can't be sad when that song is playing.
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1. Ireland. Don't have to learn any new language, I'll fit right in

2. Ipod, Guitar, Money, Phone, Backpack

3. Idk...too many songs
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The Netherlands, Preferably Amsterdam

i would pack my guitar, my phone, some money, and an english to dutch dictionary

When you Wer Young - The Killers. It has sentimental value
You go to some strange events Fassa. And don't you dare bring your bible.
I've been working on getting rid of them all for years now.

6 pack of beer
Carton of smokes
Money for more of the above
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1- Sweden

-Acoustic guitar

3- Three Minute Warning-Liquid Tension Experiment
1. Canada

a. Acoustic guitar
b. Guitar case
c. Motorbike
d. Canadian money
e. Picks

3. "The Unforgiven" by Metallica
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1. Id go to Japan because i have rich ass family there.
2. Duct tape, check. Weed, check. A wrench, check.
3. Probably Panteras suicide note part 1 or their cover of Planet Caravan.
i'd go to sweden and backpack through europe and i'd just take all of my ipod, i can't just choose 1 favorite song. that'd be like choosing which son/daughter you love the most.


pink floyd- wish you were here
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1. Australia or England.
2. My guitar, cell phone, gameboy with pokemon red (for nostalgic reasons), GPS and another thing that I can't think of at the moment.
3. White Walls - Between the Buried and Me
1. Somewhere in the UK.

2. -Laptop (charger included)
-Kindle (so's I can read new stuff all the time)
-my acoustic
-endless, weightless supply of FFFUUUU- Berry Jones and/or Stewart's Cream Soda

3. Probably something by Streetlight Manifesto.


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Knives? Check.
Rope? Check.
Dagger? Check.
Chains? Check.
Rocks? Check.
Laser Beams? Check.
Acid? Check.
Body Bag? Check.
(More than five, but I need them all.)



And.. England.

Knife. Laptop with charger.
Acoustic guitar.
mp3 player.
Tuba Flute.

"I Will Live Again" - Arch Enemy.
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and more weed

Saltwater room by owl city

Money? ( does that count? If not then guitar)

and Paradise Lost - Symphony X
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