Whats the best neoclassical shred guitar book, because Im thinking about buying one and want one that will really help me.
So, what would be a good one to get?
Don't bother with an instructional book, get to grips with the Harmonic minor scale in all keys, the arpeggios that can be extracted from it and diminished arpeggios all over the neck.

Learn your alternate picking, tapping and sweeping techniques.

Once you can do all that learn as much Yngwie and Paganini as possible and you're there.
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if you can read music you can buy bach's sonatas and parititas for violin. or really any kind of bach piece then play it on guitar. bach is the king of harmonic minor shred music. paganini pieces can help too. just get stuff for violin and play it on guitar
I would practice all your scales and arps in every key with NO distortion and make sure you can play well clean first. Maybe even throw down the electric for a couple of years and rough it out with an acoustic.
Get Speed Kills to learn the neo-classical techniques. Then get Yngwie's REH instructional video to learn the scales and such.