well, ive been looking some pickups to put on my Squier Strat
i play through a Vox VT30 and i wanna put humbuckers on it because the single coils get too much feedback
i was looking for something like a Seymour Duncan JB or Dimarzio Super Distortion for the bridge and something with a PAF like output for the neck and since Dimarzio and Seymour Duncans are expensive and hard to get
ive read about these pickups and i wanted to know if anyone of you have ever tried some of their pickups? particulary the Generator Set
well .... uhh your guitar's gotta be routed for humbuckers
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i haven't tried them but i have heard good things. i asked this forum about them a few months ago and no one could answer my questions. personally i think there is a limit to how good a cheaply made guitar like an epiphone or squire can sound so i couldn't justify putting SD or dimarzio pickups which cost a few hundred bucks per pickup in my epiphone when i can get the tonerider set for $150.

my mate has the SD 59/JB set in his maton but personally they don't sound too crash hot. i did hear the set in some sort of high end ibanez which weighed about 1000kgs and they sounded brilliant.

if you do end up getting a high end set maybe look into the fillmore set
i would love to put a set of those in my guitar but they are a bit expensive.
WCRs in a Squier?

Not so sure about that, they're great pickups though...