Today my boss gave me his old Morley Power Wah. Tell me what you guys think of the pedal and when you think it was made.
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Old Morely wahs are the ****.

You bastard.


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cool gift. i wish my guitar instructor would just give me the marshall and 12 pedals he's selling, but that's wishful thinking. the best he'll do is give me a deal.
Old Morleys are wicked! My friend has a 70s wah/booster and it is absolutely sweet. It has the widest sweep that I've ever heard in a wah and the booster is +40db! Crazy! Congrats on the pedal!


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Iplayed a Morley Wah once, and i was amazed. And since it was a newer one and everyone is saying that the older ones are better, I assume it must kick serious buts, congrats man and HNPD