But unfortunatley thats not what this thread is about. It's actully about you guys, the users, suggesting an easy to play guitar for under 450$!!! Im talkin about acoustic
I don't care if it's a dreadnot or classical, I just want good suggestions and brand names!!
See im thinkin about buyin a carlo rebbilo I saw one at the swap meet for like 50$!!! The guitar sound like 250$ epiphone guitar, Which is a good sound in my opinion, the playability is great I can sweep and play flamenco on it, but I was also thinkin about gettin and epiphone,fender, or ibanez(maybe), because those are all good acoustics for the price and they look nice!!! PLease suggest and reply to this forum,I hate my old acoustic, and i need some help on buyin a new one.
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someone likes exclamation marks!!!

great observation
hmm there's just something about sweeping that makes it seem special to most guitarist..well done
I've been sweeping since I was like.......7-8 years old????

(of course, I use a broom when I do it )
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i recommend a gabson or a frender or if you're feeling spicy you can get a moar paul or an A.D. poor.

seriously tho, try the electric guitar thread
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Can you stop by with your broom? My floor is dirty.

I find this humorous.
Try the acoustic guitar forum.

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