Okay, my lame ass freind is too lazy to sign up for an account on a forum, so he wants me to ask. Seems as the pit knows everything, i'll just ask here. His mum will let him go up to £4500 ($8000??). He knows nothing about bikes and neither do i. But he wants:

A CD player (I told him I dont think you can get a bike with them in, but he ignores me)

It cant be a lame one. (maybe he means it cant be laughable).

As you can see the requirements are hardly technical, this isnt my question, it's his. So if anybody wants to reccomend some for him, i'll show him this thread later.

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CD player....

£4500 will get you a pretty decent first bike, almost any 125cc at the minute
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The only bikes I know with CD players are the bigger Harleys and good luck finding a decent one for that price... There are honestly tons of bikes in that price range. Tell him to get off his ass and go try some out... Riding a bike is all about preference. For that price he could almost buy a brand new R6. But some people dont like crotch rockets...