I'd really appreciate some help with my selection in a new amp.
I was playing off my guitarist's old bass amp, we both started on bass, but we wanted to play in a band together, so he switched. It's a swr workingman's amp, post fender takeover. I'd just buy it off him and get a new cab to play through, but I'm fairly sure it would just become a head, and I'm fairly sure it doesn't run the speaker when acting as a head for a cab, BUT, he wants 300 dollars for it, which is silly, cause it's 2 years old and it cost him 280. So my budget is about 600-700 dollars, and from my research the ashdown mag blue line series is the best buy. I play classic rock, punk, pretty much anything along rock lines mostly. Does anyone have any opinions on if this is the best buy? My plan currently is to go for the ashdown 300 watt head and pair it with a 410 cab. Also, I played the gk backline series and hated it, so don't tell me to get that one. I've also scoured craigslist, and there is jack squat. My biggest thing is that I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to try out the mag stuff, cause guitar center don't stock it, and the bass emporium over here has jack squat in the way of new amps right now, and the used inventory doesn't have any ashdown stuff. Also, what's wrong with the acoustic brand amps? Every time I talk to really good bass players, they tell me that I might as well go behringer if I'm gonna buy acoustic now(post GC), but they've never really gotten it across to me about why this is so.
Thanks for reading my paragraph and for your input, if anyone gives me a "that was too vague" and then chuckles silently to themselves for an hour, I will be pissed.
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Buuuut... the bassist in my last band had a MAG300 stack and it sounded pretty good. If you're buying used, I'd say an older Peavey or maybe a GK would be a better investment in tone, but they're hard to beat in the new price range.
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