I was recently in guitar center the other day and picked up a schecter hellraiser dlx and fell in love with it. I felt like it played smoother and better than my Jackson dmxgt and I was considering trading mine in for it. Any suggestions of why I should or shouldn't?
I would choose schecter over jackson any day.. but thats just mee.
It depends more on what you think.
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if you like it thats what matters most. Schecter makes great guitars, i'd maybe suggest looking at some of their other models though just to be sure
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It totally depends on what you feel, play both guitars a bit more and if you still feel that the schecter is more playable, then get it. The sound is not too big of a deal as you change p-ups w/e so it really all comes down to which you prefer to play.
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THe hellraiser is better then the dxmgt, but it's also more expensive. People who say they would get a hellraiser over ANY jackson are just plain stupid.
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