Anyone know any intermediate fingerpicking songs? I'm good enough to play More Than Words, Tears In Heaven, and Dust In The Wind...but I'm not at the level of, say, Andy McKee. Anywhere in between is good enough
Eddie Vedder - Guaranteed
Kaki King - Doing the wrong thing
Eddie Vedder - Toulumne

Not very popular songs but my favourite fingerpicking songs

Harder songs:
John Butler Trio - Ocean
Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina
Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac
I'm learning it now actually, it's a pretty cool song to play.
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Hell Yeah
esutdio in G by francisco sor
waiting for dawn, and , andecy by andrew york
Finn McCool's Reel
O'Carolan's Ramble to cashle

The last three require a retune, waiting for dawn and estudio in G are both in standard tuning. Esutdio in G is great for just focusing on sound and rhythm prgression, waiting for dawn is for complex stretches and motions, andecy for speed, Finn mccools reel for pinches, o'carolan's ramble to cashle is all of the above and pretty damn quick too.