I tried modding my sd-1 tonight with a mod I found from online spider or something...just 2 resistors,2 caps,and the ic...got it back together and it sounded badass!!! But as I wiggled the board around in the case the signal with the effect on went in and out but the signal with it off was ok....I checked around to see if my soldering job was ok,fixed a few spots and it was ok again...put it backtogether and I had nothing...took it apart,couldn't get the effect to work at all....checked my soldering again and now regualr signal was gone!!! Lol....I guess I shoulda picked an easier project for my first time...I took electronics tech in high school and .I've always changed my own pickups and I've even did some mods to my amp but I guess I blew this one...anyone have a clue what happened...do you think I fried the chip?....I think I'm gonna send it to analogman or keeley now and just have them do it...I really wanted to get into modding...it seems like an interesting thing...
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if it was working then not working as you wiggled the board my first guess would be that it's grounding out on something.
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2: like farm boy said, it sounds like something's being grounded.
when you open up the back of the pedal, theres a plastic sheet that isolates the bottom of the board from the bottom plate of the pedal, that you just took off. make sure the plastic is in place.

if its not as simple as that, wiggle the board around again and see what happens..try looking for anything that could've moved to ground itself on the enclosure..