intro riff is goo, but rhythmis a bit too generic up the minor scale thing. next riff is pretty cool. cool harmonization. another pretty decent riff, albiet a bit generic. bringing it all back to the begining. harmonization again. cool chord progression here. solo was pretty good, some nice melodies in there. nice fade out. overall a pretty good metalcore song, although at parts a bit too generic (although in this kind of genre its hard not to be generic )
mid criting mine?
There's two flaws I see in the production. One is the kick drum sound, it's way too thumpy and undefined, which lets it get lost in the mix quite often. A crap-ton more treble will help that. The second is the tone. It isn't terrible, just not very clear. Roll back on the mids just a hair and add a considerable amount of treble.
The snare, cymbals and toms all sound great though. The lead/solo tone is good too.

Overall the song is quite good, although it does drag on in certain parts.
If you want, there's plenty of songs for you to judge in my profile. Just pick one.
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