Hey there Pit,
Anyone know any good country songs as performed by rock/metal/punk bands?

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Cry Baby Wah
Kind of the opposite of what your looking for, but there's a kickass bluegrass cover of Gin & Juice by a band called The Gourds
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Yo Bob Dylan, I'm really happy for you an I'm gonna let you finish, but Jimi Hendrix had one of the best versions of All Along the Watchtower of all time!
I used to do a cover of Garth Brooks'/Chris Gaines' Unsigned Letter, a la Iron Maiden. We played the boring 8th note progression as a galloping line, and played the really slow melodic lines as sped-up harmonized riffs. Wish I had a decent recording of it

The Ghost Riders in the Sky cover is awesome. I never liked that guy's singing, but it's a great cover of a great song. A lot of those old country tunes are just amazing. That was back from when country music was still passionate.
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Ring Of Fire-Social Distortion.

Also, Live does a good cover of I Walk The Line.
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maylene and the sons of disaster

They don't do covers, but they might as well considering how uncreative they are with their country influences
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Hayseed Dixie is exactly the opposite, but its worth watching!
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