Ok, so i am looking at these pedals:




I can't go over 200 bucks whatsoever. Heres what i would need:

Wah that works well with distortion is a MUST.
Delay capable with welcome to the jungle intro MUST
Flanger for van halen stuff would be nice, but dont really need it.
And some nice clean tones

Basically, i need an effects pedal for van halen and gnr. NOTE: Effects dont need to be dead on with original sound, just pretty close. Thanks for your input!

Oh, and please tell me about pros and cons too. Price suggestions of these three is needed as well. Also, no guitar center/music store within 2 hours, so i wont be able to test them out myself.
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Line 6 Floor pods are mighty nice.
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For what you want I would recommend the Floor POD plus out of those. It has some killer tones you can get with it and it has everything one your list
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i had the boss me-50. it sounded like crap on my fender hot rod deluxe so i returned it

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Trust me, go with the digitech rp series. It's ****in badass
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Line 6 > Digitech & BOSS

I had a digitech multieffect pedal and returned it, I've also had the boss me-50 and it sucked bad

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Trust me, go with the digitech rp series. It's ****in badass

Please, don't.
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The Wah on the boss sucks with distortion
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Wow, i like what i'm hearing about the floor pod plus, except for one thing. On the reviews on guitarcenter 2 people gave it a 2 star rating, i am a little worried about that. Can someone verify those for me?
Fender MIM hss strat 1997
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I love classic rock.