Ok so I'm not really great with computers. I usually run Win. XP but I got infected with spyware. I cannot do anything or open any applications. I can't even access my system options in the control panel and as of right now I am running on a linux boot disk just to have internet. But my question is, can I just run spyware scanners and delete the spyware that way? I don't know if I can do it from a linux disk. My other option is to take my friends' recovery cds and reinstall windows, which I am more than willing to do to get things up and running again. Could I also by blank CD-Rs and make my own boot cd? I have another available computer in my house so I can probably download and burn a copy of windows and boot it on this computer. I just don't really know the best approach. Any help?
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System Restore? Maybe you could buy a new one, but try system restore first.

EDIT: Now that I actually read it, I realized you can't do System Restore. I'd take it to a professional, or get a new one.

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Happened to my computer and became a big problem. Just wipe your harddrive and have your OS reinstalled. Worked fine for me, but I had somebody else do it. It's probably not too hard for a do-it-yourself kinda thing, though.
Most computers will have the boot disc as a partition in your computer. When the computer is loading up press f10 and do a full system recovery.