Ok i'll keep it brief

Need a new bridge pup for my epi LP custom

Thinking either Seymour Duncan Distortion or JB

Favourite Bands: Metallica, Megadeth, Satch, Vai, Dream Theater, ACDC, Foo Fighters, Hendrix, Motorhead, Pink Floyd etc.

Rock + Metal basically.

Would the JB work for Megadeth/Metallica type stuff? I've also heard that it's a bad idea to put them in mahogany guitars?

If so - Considering the distortion because I've heard good things - paticuarly for heavy stuff.

Also are they Coil Tappable/Splitable


TL;DR: Need new bridge pup for Epi LP...Play rock/Metal...Thinking SD JB or Distortion
The gear:

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I play the stuff you play except for the metal, and at times I feel that the JB is too hot for some early classic rock. It can definitely handle classic metal like that but can still do a decent job on most classic rock (think basically anything but low gain classic rock).

Ive never tried the SD Distortion though.

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