Hey guys, Bizarro here. I recently saw Fast and Furious (it doesn't matter which one as they are all the same) and if your not familiar with it the plot basically goes like this: this guy is an undercover agent for some squad intent on "busting" a "gang" of truck hijackers who use there profit to "mod" their "rides", to do this however he must infiltrate their "crew". This guy's "crew" in 1 and 4. And this guy's "crew" in the second one. Anyways, what I'm trying to get at here is that in these movies the cars often have neon lights under their bodies. Would it be possible to get these surgically implanted on the undersides of both my forearms and perhaps my neck?

Like this.
Goodness gracious me!
If you want to walk around with a battery surgically implanted to your body as well to power the lights, then go for it.
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I see no advantage to your crackpot idea, chap.
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But you can get this-
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I think the arms would be cool, but the neck would look like fail. Playing guitar would look epic with neon arms though!

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But you can get this-

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