So tomorrow I plan on going to get a Line 6 Pod XT Live. According to the reviews its an awesome pedal but I was just wondering what you guys thought of it. If you own it or have tried it, share your experiences. Anything I should know before I buy it? Is it good and reliable? Good tone?

Just tell me your experience with it.

Thank you
I own two. The first one I have crapped out after about 6 months and is basically just an oversized tuner now. But they replaced it (or actually, gave me another, I still have that one) and it's still going 4 years strong. I have never used it for shows.. well maybe a few of my first gigs ever, but for the most part just practice and recording. But I like it a lot. It has everything I need and or want and I'm very effects-heavy in my sound. I also like the fact that you can download plug ins, or packages to add more to the arsenal. I recommend it. I do prefer my actual pedal board and my Dual Rec over this into a PA obviously, but it's a very handy tool. I think that's how I'd summarize it; A very handy tool in a players arsenal.
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i have it, i like it. it does well with recording and has a bunch of decent sounding effects and amps. ive never used it live though.
Had mine for over 3 years with no issues. I did supplement the OD and fuzz with individual pedals, but this thing is great. I would like to replace my Valve Junior with a Rebel 20 to get some 6V6's in the mix, but i'm in no hurry and I doubt i'll ever get anymore pedals. I'm pretty satisfied with my gear now.
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