So...I've been saving my paychecks for a couple of months and I've finally got enough to get what I want: a Washburn WM526. EMG 81/85's and a Floyd Rose plus killer looks...I've been in love with this guitar since I first saw it. But I'm having problems deciding on what amp to go with here's what I'm looking at:

Raven Half-Stack

Cheap but I've heard good things about it. Never played on one personally so eh...

EVH Setup

Very expensive but sounds amazing. Played on it at Guitar Center and I was love the fact that it's tube but dunno if I wanna be broke after buying it...

Peavey VK Half-Stack

Not too pricey and should have a decent sound. Again, never personally played it.


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BV Half-Stack

This is what I'm leaning on. I used to have the cheaper MC412 and it was pretty nice. Only thing is that it's $3K. A little cheaper than the EVH but still high...I'm fairly sure this is the one I'll go for but if anyone has any info on that Raven or the Peavey that's enticing I'd probably change my mind. I want a good sound but I like not being broke as well. I really don't care about effects that come with what I'm buying cause I'm gonna get the DigiTech RP1000 pretty soon. Just want to know if anyone has any of these stacks and if they're all they're cracked up to be.
well if you like the EVH setup why dont you go for a 5150 setup? They are fairly cheap nowadays (sub $1000 for a half stack).
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Never really looked at a 5150....but thanks for the info, I'll look at it and see how it looks. And I play a mix of everything depending on what I feel like playing on a given day. But I guess to answer your question, I play mostly metal.

EDIT: Actually, I'm stupid. The EVH I'm looking at is a 5150. The head is $2K and the cab is $1100. Not sure what you mean by under a grand but I'll keep looking to see if there's a different model that you're talking about.
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not the EVH 5150 but the Peavey 5150.
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I say if you've got the cash, go for broke man.

Get the EVH 5150 III. That amp is BAD A** !!!!!
You will not be disapointed.

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Oh, Peavey. I've played several Peavey products before and they're usually decent but I guess I'm gonna go over the top on this one. Placing the order for the Washburn and the EVH 5150 tomorrow morning after talking to a local guitar guru/shop owner. Thanks for the input though