I was planning to make some remixs of some videogame songs on guitar and piano and i was wondering what are some good songs to make remixs of. Older game music would be better but newer game music (wii, ps3, xbox360) would be okay too.
Skitchin' from the Sega Genesis!!

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Stuff from Mega Man Classic and Mega Man X series.

Particularly the games Mega Man X, Mega Man, Mega Man II, and Mega Man III.
i got this a bit backwards, i thought you were looking for guitar music played in a video game style. so in any case i present to you....

Megadeth - Hanger 18 as 8 bit music !

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Big Blue>All other Video Game music


Anyway to thread

I would stay away from anything like classic games (nintendo especially) stuff like Tetris and Pac Man is played out @_@.

Also dude that posted Spyro link took me wayyyyyyyy back.
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